Environmental safety

Export Central Valley S.A. has inplemented a quality assurance program that guarantees our clients that product they consume is safe and complies with the requirements demanded by the market.

El grupo posee instalaciones propias para el embalaje de sus productos tales como: packing de cerezas, packing de uva climatizado y frigor�ficos.

Nuestra producci�n es variada y consta de cerezas, ciruelas, duraznos, nectarines, uva de mesa, manzanas, peras europeas y kiwis.

Quality Control

Export Central Valley S.A. has a quality control deparment, wich verifies tehat teh prodict meets teh standars defined in the quality and packaging manual.

Quality Assurance:

To guarantee the quality and safety of our prodcuts we have international certifications for our fields as well as our fruit processing facilities: GlobalG.A.P., Tesco, Nature Chioce, BRC, BPM, HACCP.

Business certification

It is a management body created in late 1990 by several European channels and its largest suppliers. GAP is an acronym for good agricultural practices, Good Agricultural Pratices. The objective was to provide a standard of conformity between different providers of stores to detail, because the lack of it, was causing problem among farmers. He is currently the most adopted certification scheme in the world. Currently, the majority of agricultural products customers requested that their suppliers have certification GLONAL G.A.P. as a prerequisite for doing business.
It is a multinational chain of sales outlets with its headquarters in several countries around the world.

In 2008, Tesco became the fourth largest retailer in the world, displacing the fifth level of the distributors, with this movement it is positioned among the top five companies in the sector of grocery shopping and product quality assurance processes.

Although originally specialize in food and beverage, it has diversified into all areas of retail.
If you are looking for a company to buy large-scale product, wherever the required maximum quality, the answer is Nature Choice.
All the production system is created to be a reference point for markets more demanding and to distribute production anywhere in the world. This company was born in the doors of the new millennium, thinking of the consumer for the control of quality and guarantee of food safety.
Our crops are developed in an environment of special micro-climate which makes it possible to harvest fruits and vegetables during practically the whole of the year.
For this reason our customers demand us every day a better quality of our products.
The analysis of hazards and critical points of Control APPCC or HACCP, by its acronym is a preventive systematic processes to organize logically the objectives. It is applicable in all market and applicable in all types of industries that manufacture food-contact materials. In it are identified, evaluated and prevent all risks of contamination of the products level and along all its manufacturing processes, establishing preventive measures for their control to ensure the safety of our products.
Management of business processes (Business Process Management or BPM) is called in English business methodology which aims to improve efficiency through systematic management of what you should model, automate and optimize continuously. As its name suggests, BPM focuses on the management of business processes. A better understanding of the business can be accomplished through activities and processes modeling and many times this presents the opportunity to improve them. The optimization of processes reduces errors, ensuring that them to always behave in the same way and giving element to display the status of them. Administration of processes ensures the same running efficiently, and obtaining information that can then be used to improve them. It is through the information that is obtained from daily execution of processes, which can identify possible inefficiencies in them, and act on them to optimize them. To support this strategy, it is necessary to have a set of tools that provide the necessary support to fulfill the BPM lifecycle. This set of tools are called (BPMS), and BPM applications are built with them.

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