Our products are produced, selected and packed with standards more demanding quality.

Varieties :

Lapins, Kordias, Regina

L de 22 a 23.9 mm
EL de 24 a 25.9 mm
J de 26 a 27.9 mm
SJ de 28 a 29.9 mm
XJL > 30 mm

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Packaging of our products

Our products are packed in corrugated cardboard of the highest quality, ensuring our receivers that fruit that you will receive will be protected and maintained during the journey to their final destination discussed in this all the characteristics that identify our products.

In addition our packing are recyclable and environmentally friendly with the environment, continuing with this our commitment to this and the sustainability of our natural resources.

Types of packaging

  • 5 kilogramos granel.
  • 16 bags 5 kilogramos
  • 12 bags 5 kilogramos.

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